Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Seachem Flourish 500ml The Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizer



I have done my research and this is definitely the best and most comprehensive aquarium fertilizer as it contains much more beneficial elements to your plants in comparison to other brands that only provide iron and potassium.

  • Comprehensive supplement
  • For Planted aquariums
  • Essential trace Elements, amino acids, and vitamins

Flourish is a comprehensive plant supplement for the natural freshwater aquarium. It contains a rich assortment of important micro elements, trace elements and other nutrients. These include calcium, magnesium, iron and other important elements that have been shown to be beneficial to aquatic plants. View a chart of flourish constituents and signs of their deficiency. For macro element (npk) fertilization, use flourish nitrogen, flourish phosphorus or flourish POTASSIUM as needed.


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