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Brazilian Pennywort Seeds (Hydrocotyle leucocephala)

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A Brazilian Pennywort is a popular aquarium plant. Brazilian Pennywort is often sold in pet stores in plastic pots, or as trimmings bunched at the stem base with a rubber band. Brazilian Pennywort can also be sold under the names Brazilian Water Ivy, or simply as Pennywort. Brazilian Pennywort is versatile, easy to grow and easy to care for. That’s why Brazilian Pennywort is a great starter plant for beginners keeping freshwater community tanks.

How to Germinate the Seeds

Each packet with cover 20×20 cm of area. You will need to spread the seeds evenly in a tank without water. Then add sand or mud substrate (so the seeds will not float) ontop of the seeds. Add water so that the substrate is moist. Once the seeds begin to sprout at 1-2 cm above the surface you can gradually add more water.


1 review for Brazilian Pennywort Seeds (Hydrocotyle leucocephala)

  1. Justin

    Perfect for my nano tank

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