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Colorful Aquatic Mini Leaf Seeds


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Comes with a total of 50 seeds

How to Germinate the Seeds

Each packet with cover 20×20 cm of area. You will need to spread the seeds evenly in a tank without water. Then add sand or mud substrate (so the seeds will not float) ontop of the seeds. Add water so that the substrate is moist. Once the seeds begin to sprout at 1-2 cm above the surface you can gradually add more water.

Step 1: Optimal Conditions

Here are the optimal conditions you’ll want to strive for in your aquarium:

  • Water Conditions: 70-83° F @ pH 6.5-7.5
  • Lighting: Moderate to High
  • Nutrients/Ferts: Nutrient-Heavy substrate with Fert dosing
  • CO2: Not required, but best for optimal growth

This plant thrives in a nutrient-rich substrate. While it’s not critical to its success, you’ll have the best results in your tank with a good substrate. (This applies to all sorts of plants)

If you’re going to have a carpet in your planted tank, you’ll probably want to use some sort of CO2 system. Whether that’s DIY or pressurized is up to your budget, but I’ve seen both work quite well for carpets.

Water Circulation
Not only is this vital for these colorful plants, it’s also pretty much a required for healthy planted tanks. Getting as much CO2 and nutrients to the plants is vital to get that explosive growth for the carpet. As a bonus, this also keeps your carpet (and substrate) clean, as well as hindering algae growth in between the stems.

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