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Water Lily Lotus Pond/Bowl Seeds (Nelumbo Nymphaea)


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  • These water lotus / water lilies are a beautiful addition to any aquarium or pond.
  • Each order includes 10 fresh seeds.
  • They are very easy to grow and can help keep temperatures lower in ponds and water gardens by providing shade.
  • These plants produce beautiful flowers and can flower up to two full months in proper conditions.
  • Guaranteed healthy viable seeds and will grow quickly.

Growing Instructions:
* Lotus seeds have an extremely hard shell that must be filed away to ensure healthy and fast growth. Using a rough surface, such as concrete, a file, or sandpaper, gently work away the dimpled end. Rub the seed until you see a cream colored inner core.
* Place the seeds into a container, such as a bottle or cup, and fill with clean dechlorinated water. Place the container in the outside in the sun. It is important to change the water daily, or as soon as it begins to become cloudy.
* Within 2-7 days, depending on temperature, the seed will split and a growth will emerge. Once a full leave is formed, you can move the plant into a water garden/pond/aquarium, or you can keep them in a small container full of water with sand or soil on the bottom until you are ready to move them.


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